EMU Monthly – December 2016

1) Seems like an important study. A prospective study of 216 cardiogenic shock patients in 9 centers over eight countries. The bottom line? Epi caused higher mortality. Higher bio-markers elevation. Higher renal bio-marker elevation. Greater mental status changes .However, let us dissect this a little. 216 patients is kind of small. And maybe these disease […]


EMU Monthly – November 2016

Dancing the twist was very popular years ago. Getting your knickers in a twist is a popular British expression. Twist and shout was a Beatles hit. Ain’t anyone singing about the Testicular Twist. How do you approach the angry testicle? Waiting for bell clapper sign is too late. Doing cremaster reflexes – this is one […]


EMU Monthly – October 2016

Been waiting for this one- and I guess it is time to remember Dr. R- she was a foul tempered surgical resident, had been married a few times, chain smoked and who didn’t enjoy trauma. If someone came in after being kissed by a fender or being run over by a steamroller – they got the […]

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EMU Monthly – September 2016

Everyone has dreams –am if your dreams are like mine- you dream about (actually that is what Father dreams about)-the rest of us dream about starting Nor on sick morbidly obese patients-so you ask – do you need to give more Nor to these patients? The answer is no.  They raise blood pressure at the […]

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EMU Monthly – August 2016

Hey it is August guys- the heat, the beach, summer camp with pimply counselors, and arts and crafts (I remember camp well – I was the goalie for Archery practice). Lacerations are a big part of summer and we have championed the intrathecal volar nerve block – but it is in an area full of […]

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EMU Monthly – June 2016

How old are you? I just had a birthday –and it brings back warm memories of birthday parties with barbeques, iced birthday cakes, party favors and esophageal food impactions. Life was simpler in those days, we just treated these things with Adolf’s Meat Tenderizer. That’s papain for you young’uns, and then all of the sudden […]

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EMU Monthly – May 2016

Tako Tsubo Cardiomyopathy is generally benign but it can turn rotten and can kill (this is Johnny Rotten from the British Group “The Sex Pistols”). Those with co morbidities are at the highest risk. In their cohort of only 2477 patients- 19% had adverse outcomes, and unlike other studies – these patients really were sick […]

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EMU Monthly – March/April 2016

All the EMU goodness for March/April 2016 I got a Lucas in my ED or something like it- do you? Lucas is a CPR machine that looks like this: It simply does the compressions for you. These machines will not result in any more sternal fractures, or internal organ damage than regular CPR. However they do […]

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EMU Monthly – February/March 2016

All the EMU goodness for Feb/March 2016 Drug induced Status Epilepticus is pretty rare. But it does occur and you should know about it. OK, we know about drugs doing this, and obviously intracthecal agents. Don’t forget older anti epileptics and even a new one – tiagabine can cause non convulsive SE. Antibiotics and INH […]

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EMU Monthly – January 2016

All the EMU goodness for Jan 2015 – In order to catch up- this issue was not peer reviewed It is just a push of a button – no different than ordering dinner at the Golden Arches.You know what I mean- they wheel in the patient from a trauma – backboard and neck collar- complaining […]

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