About the Author – Yosef Leibman

Yosef Leibman is currently an attending at Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva, Israel,  a tertiary medical center with level one trauma , neurosurgery, burn center. It is the major  affiliate hospital  for Ben Gurion University and the Columbia program for Americans. A prolific author and speaker in both Israel and the United States, Yosef was the founder and first Editor-in-Chief of the Israeli Journal of Emergency Medicine. Since 1998 he has produced the amazing Emergency Medicine Update.

About Emergency Medicine Updates (EMU)

Yosef started EMU back in 1998 when he realized that by writing his own impressions from reading articles he could remember them better.  He also recognized that while there were many great speakers in the EM community, no one real had a sense of humor that could help get material absorbed–ergo EMU was born.

EMU Team

About the Web Editor/EMU Intern – Christie Lech

Christie Lech is an emergency medicine resident at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She is interested in the use of multimedia to instruct emergency medicine residents in the United States and abroad.  Christie is currently enrolled in the Global Health Residency Track at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, with a focus on HIV/AIDS testing, treatment, and advocacy/awareness.

About the Print Editor/EMU Intern – Tim Lee

Tim Lee grew up in the Tien Shan foothills of Kyrgyzstan. Born in South Korea, Tim lived and studied in nine different countries around the world before moving to Israel for medical school. As an ultimate frisbee enthusiast, Tim volunteers with the frisbee outreach program called Ultimate Peace and plays for the Israeli national ultimate team. He is currently a third year at the Medical School for International Health in Be’er Sheva, Israel.

About the Tech Guy – Scott Weingart

Scott Weingart runs a web site called EMCrit

EMU Policies

  1. EMU is distributed free of charge
  2. All parties with the exception of for profit organizations can reproduce it.  It can not be reprinted for profitable purposes
  3. EMU is peer reviewed
  4. EMU does not accept advertising
  5. EMU does not usually quote articles from Annals of Emergency Medicine and the New England journal because most of EMU’s readership already receives these journals.  EMU also does not generally use articles reviewed in Emergency Medicine Abstracts as many EMU readers are subscribers as well, and I do not wish to take away from that excellent publication.
  6. I have no connections to any drug or medical appliance company, and thus the information in EMU is objective.
  7. EMU is dedicated to the development of Israeli and International emergency medicine.  Therefore, new subscribers worldwide are welcomed, and we appreciate your referrals.
  8. That is it, friends- 15 years publishing monthly. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.



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